The Wildness Within

by Cuscuta

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Nicholas Trandahl
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Nicholas Trandahl Wow! A very impressive debut for this band. It's certainly flavored with the same atmosphere and musicianship that has made Evergreen Refuge (this musician's other project) such a marvelous instrumental blackened folk band. The vocals and melancholy in Cuscuta are what sets this album apart from Evergreen Refuge. The vocals are perfect black metal vocals and, along with the dark atmosphere and melodies of the album, give this project a flavor similar to Wolves in the Throne Room's older work. Favorite track: Trapped in the Beast, Tearing from Within....
Thoth Amon
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Thoth Amon Once again an excellent piece of art from Dylan! Highly respected! Favorite track: Atavism and the Destruction of Civilization.
Mario Polzin
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Mario Polzin Yes, this release certainly calls for the wildness within us. The ambient parts send us on a journey through the wilderness, changes our surroundings - then the black metal rises up, raw and fast, showing us this said "Wildness Within". A contrast at first - and only at first glance -, the two parts become one over time. And it becomes obvious that we have just taken a look in the mirror. Inevitably we will come to one conclusion: "Wildness is within us." Favorite track: Atavism and the Destruction of Civilization.
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Sooner or later, it is all going to collapse. Wildness is within us...


released July 15, 2014

Evergreen: All instruments
Thanks to Morkner for the logo.
Thanks to Infinite Forests Photography for the picture.
Derrick Jensen sample from End:Civ.

Track II also featured on "Crushing Intolerance Vol. I," an anti-NSBM compilation.




Cuscuta Colorado

Wildness is within us

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Track Name: Atavism and the Destruction of Civilization
Driven from our homes in the wild. Separated from nature and ecocidal. We dream of freedom. We dream of being feral.
May this be the end. May we find our way. Wildness within, calling our ancestral roots. May we live as we once did. Animals. Rise, flora and fauna. Destroy the concrete that suffocates you. Tear up from the land. Reach ever upward. Bring civilization to its knees. Business as usual no more. We yearn to be free, we yearn to be wild. Ignite the fires! Rid yourself of the poison and burn it down. Rid yourself of the poison and burn it down. No longer sickened by the cancer of civilization, we wander endless forest... we wander endless forest. We break free from the torture of a sedentary life. Resist. Rewild. Reclaim. Renew.
Destroy what destroys you. Cast aside the technology of the beast. Trapped in the beast, we tear from within. Burn it down. Burn it down. A darkened path relit. The burden has been lifted. The beast is slain. Flora and fauna are finally free…
Track Name: Trapped in the Beast, Tearing from Within...
Civilization is the enemy. The members of this world are imprisoned. As human animals trapped in cages of concrete and steel, we are imprisoned. I am fucking sick of temporary fixes to the symptoms of civilization. Sooner or later, it is all going to collapse. Wildness is within us. Remove the cancer. Wildness is within us…
As animals we are released from the belly of the beast, no longer bound by the burden of civilization. The wretched nightmare comes to a close.
Feral again
Free again